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Chronic Disease Management: Rallying Support for the Journey
This week, we revisit a contribution by our patient advocate-in-residence, Christine Winters, who reminds us that chronic disease management calls for a multi-faceted strategy that must include the family.


Medical Schools Putting Focus on the Patient Experience


Examining the various clinical skills courses implemented in medical schools across the country has revealed several overarching changes in medical education that have substantially impacted the patient experience. These include communication, empathy, doctoring, interprofessional courses and a number of courses which include patient or family centered in their titles. The digital age ushered in a…

Shaping the Next Generation of Healthcare Providers


Creating a culture in which patient-centered care is embraced as the standard of care is no small challenge. However, what better way for future healthcare professionals to start their careers than to have a way in which to view every component of patient and family care experiences through their eyes. This is one of the reasons we take…

Communicating With, Not Simply About the Patient

Comforting his love

Patient engagement is hot. However, a critical chasm exists between the way medical folks and patients perceive it. Therein lies some of the difficulty in trying to create a great patient experience. Medical folks generally define patient engagement as collaboration with the patient, providing information and respecting the patient’s desires. The locus is external to…