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Patient Engagement Begins with Better Listening

In this week’s ENCORE contribution, blogger Sarah Beth Cowherd cautions us not to be too quick in labeling a patient a “chronic complainer.” As both a nurse and a patient living with an autoimmune disease, she has seen healthcare from both sides of the stethoscope and suggests providers may need to spend a little more time listening.



In this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, please accept our thanks for all you do to advance patient and family engagement, and bring the vision of patient-centered care to life in our communities. Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!   personal injury solicitors

Collaborative Care: Hope for Patients with Complex, Undiagnosed Conditions

hope award

On August 31, 2010 after two years of medical confusion around our son, Declan’s health, we thought for once there might be an answer to his mysterious blood work, swinging fevers, pneumonia and arthritis. The doctor who thought she was prescribing the correct medicine to help with all of these symptoms actually made a grave…

Creating an Exceptional Care Delivery Experience for Mother, Baby and Family


Child birth is a time of joy and excitement for mother and family, but it also can be filled with uncertainty and concern – not just for the first-time parent or mom dealing with an at-risk pregnancy, but for anyone.  The question is how can you create the “ideal” care delivery experience for each of…