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Engaging Patients in the Fight Against HAIs

As anxiety builds over the threat of Ebola and U.S. hospitals seek to bolster defenses against this infectious disease, we invite you to revisit the work of Nasia Safdar, MD, PhD, hospital epidemiologist at UW Hospital and Clinics, who has demonstrated that patients and families can play a vital role in preventing healthcare-acquired infections.


The Telluride Experience: Rich Insights with Patients as Faculty

At Telluride, students and physicians learn about the human side of medicine from patient families like the Skolniks who watched their son suffer the consequences of an  unnecessary brain surgery.

When Helen Haskell lost her son Lewis to medical harm, becoming a medical educator most likely was the furthest thought from her mind. The same, I would imagine holds true for Patty and David Skolnik and Carole Hemmelgarn, patient advocates who also lost children entrusted to healthcare professionals. But when these incredible individuals rose above…

Engaging Patients to Make Better Decisions about Antibiotic Use

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m4s0n501 Can patient-clinician engagement save us from a time when antibiotics will not be able to resolve infection? In 1945, the medical community was first warned of the danger of antibiotic overuse and resistance. Alexander Fleming, the man who gave us penicillin left us with this powerful message about overuse: “In such cases, the thoughtless…