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Building Relationships with Patients: A Cornerstone of Patient Engagement


Research reflects that building relationships with patients through communication and patient-centeredness has a strong impact, which includes improving patient and provider satisfaction, improving adherence to medication, and decreasing resource utilization, costs and malpractice. The major skills in building a relationship and patient-centeredness include attentiveness and warmth, empathy, respect, support and partnership. Attentiveness and Warmth Attentiveness…

Healthy Lessons: Using Pokémon Go and Gamification to Boost Patient Engagement


On a recent tranquil summer evening, the bucolic park in the center of our little town was overrun with hunters — from grade-schoolers to graying Boomers — all with their heads down, peering into their phones as they meandered throughout the park. They were all in search of Pokémon. And they were everywhere — the…

Real-Time, Intentional Patient and Family Check-Ins: A Catalyst for Cultural Change


As the mother of a son who was a long-time patient here at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), I understand what it is like to experience many aspects of our vast healthcare network. Today, my son is healthy and has successfully transitioned to adult care and I am enjoying my “dream come true” job of…