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Call to Action: Partner with Patients and Families for the Safest Care


As a patient advocate for more than a decade, I felt exhilarated when I first read, Safety is Personal, the Report on Consumer Engagement in Patient Safety published by the National Patient Safety Foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute.  It gets to the point quickly with its call to action:  Engage patients and families as partners. While my…

Engaging Frequent ED Visitors Seeking Prescription Narcotics


Unintentional overdose deaths due to prescription narcotics have quadrupled since 1999 and now outnumber those involving heroin and cocaine.[i],[ii] As a result, such misuse of medications has been accurately described as a national epidemic by the CDC and consumes over $70 billion in health care costs. [iii],[iv] Controlling patients who frequent the emergency department (ED)…

The Bedside Shift Report: Engaging Patients and Families as Partners

Bedside shift change

The bedside shift-to-shift nursing report isn’t new. It has been discussed as an effective patient engagement tool for at least 35 years. The Joint Commission identified communication failures during shift reports as a leading cause of sentinel events in the United States, and, in 2011, the National Patient Safety Foundation focused on the bedside report…