• Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s approach to integrating the family voice into all operational decision-making offers us a roadmap for improving engagement and making meaningful change.
  • Group Health Cooperative Group Health Cooperative shows us the power of integrating patient decision aids and shared decision-making into routine clinical practice can reduce elective surgeries and  lower costs.
  • Middlesex Hospital   Middlesex Hospital shows us the impact that empowered patients and families can have on advancing a hospital’s mission, the patient experience and staff development.
  • Diana B. Denholm, Caregiver, Author, Innovator A caregiver for her spouse for 11-plus years, Diana Denholm has used her experiences to guide and support families and care teams in engaging one another more effectively.

Communicating With, Not Simply About the Patient

Comforting his love

Patient engagement is hot. However, a critical chasm exists between the way medical folks and patients perceive it. Therein lies some of the difficulty in trying to create a great patient experience. Medical folks generally define patient engagement as collaboration with the patient, providing information and respecting the patient’s desires. The locus is external to…

Reimagining Primary Care: A Radical Path to Better Patient Outcomes

Iora - Glendalee  PT _small

Her name was Joyce, and I had the pleasure of meeting her when she first came to my practice many years ago. Her hair was disheveled, she arrived late, and her health was a mess. Her diabetes and hypertension were way out of control, she was intermittently taking her medications, her diet was awful, she…

Connect Patient Engagement and Cultural Competence to Drive Health Management

Healthcare systems are evolving with the expectation that patients and families are collaborative partners in the overall plan of care. A major focus for providers is changing patient’s behavior in order to improve access, decrease cost, prevent readmission and improve health outcomes. A significant, if underappreciated, factor in this new order is the ability for…