• Iora Health shows us the future of  primary care with its innovative model that humanizes care,  putting patients at the center, making care more affordable and  improving patient outcomes.
  • Bronson Methodist Hospital shows us the important strides providers can make in improving all aspects of care delivery when they give patients and families seats at the table.
  • Morristown Medical Center  demonstrates how unrestricted visiting hours are an important component in both satisfaction and healing, reducing patient anxiety levels and feelings of social isolation, and  enhancing outcomes.

Reimagining Primary Care: A Radical Path to Better Patient Outcomes

Iora - Glendalee  PT _small

Her name was Joyce, and I had the pleasure of meeting her when she first came to my practice many years ago. Her hair was disheveled, she arrived late, and her health was a mess. Her diabetes and hypertension were way out of control, she was intermittently taking her medications, her diet was awful, she…

Connect Patient Engagement and Cultural Competence to Drive Health Management


Healthcare systems are evolving with the expectation that patients and families are collaborative partners in the overall plan of care. A major focus for providers is changing patient’s behavior in order to improve access, decrease cost, prevent readmission and improve health outcomes. A significant, if underappreciated, factor in this new order is the ability for…

HERE TO HOME: Effectively Engaging Heart Failure Patients in Their Care


As a Planetree hospital, Griffin Hospital is committed to engaging patients and families with access to information and education. In 2012, we identified a lack of consistent patient disease education with teach-back which contributed to a high readmission rate for Heart Failure. We introduced “HERE TO HOME,” a program to address communication and patient education…