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Moving the Needle in Healthcare: A Disruptive Innovation to Reduce Unnecessary Hospitalizations and ER Visits

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Any list of the burning issues in healthcare will include skyrocketing costs, utilization (both over and under), lack of access, the ongoing surge in chronic disease, the need for greater patient engagement and better patient experience, lack of effective coordination of care, a healthcare finance system that still rewards incidental and procedural events at the…

Back to Basics: Could Improved Patient-Provider Communications be the Remedy Healthcare Needs?


Dealing with an illness or injury is overwhelming for patients and families, who must learn all they can about an unfamiliar condition, make treatment decisions, manage medications, and more, all while stressed with the change in health status. My son Zachary was 17 when diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. It was heart-wrenching and often…

Patient Engagement is Critical for a Strong Culture of Patient Safety


Readers of this blog likely know that for the past several years, the National Patient Safety Foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute has partnered with EngagingPatients.org in presenting the John Q. Sherman Awards for Excellence in Patient Engagement. The purpose of the award is to recognize organizations and individuals who excel at patient engagement efforts and to…