Sherman Award

Sherman Award Postponed for 2021

Although efforts to control and reverse the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic are showing signs of success, this remains a challenge that demands the full attention of everyone involved in healthcare. Taylor Healthcare, therefore, announces that it will, again, postpone nominations for the 2021 Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement. Clinicians and other healthcare workers, health systems of all sizes, public officials, and others, including patients and families, have responded to the crisis with extraordinary commitment. And now, in addition to efforts to manage and treat COVID-19, many healthcare professionals and organizations are engaged in the extraordinary task of vaccinating as many people as quickly as possible.

With thanks for everyone’s work over the past year and in deference to the considerable effort that still lies ahead, Taylor Healthcare recognizes that all time and attention must continue to be devoted to the pandemic and keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

“Postponing this year’s award was not nearly as difficult as the decision last year with so many unknowns. 2021 is different though, as the collective vantage point has changed, albeit for another daunting challenge. In everyone’s attempt to reach the new “normal” and stabilize, we want to continue to honor those organizations that continue to strive for patient engagement,” says Scott Wallace, MHA, vice president of sales for Taylor Healthcare. “There, again, is no question about prioritization and that we thankfully have new priorities in vaccinations and the continued delivery of services for your respective communities that you serve.”

The annual Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement honors individuals and provider organizations for using innovative approaches to build stronger engagement through deeper, more meaningful communication and relationships with patients and families.


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