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Health Literacy

Understanding the Power of Health Literacy

Providing patients and family caregivers with understandable health information might seem like common sense, but it’s not as common as you might think – and its impact on care has big implications when it comes to health outcomes and the cost of healthcare. The Institute of Medicine defines health literacy as “the degree to which […]

Patient-Centered Communication

Improving Patient Engagement Through Clear Health Communication

What do health literacy, health communication, shared decision-making, patient education and patient engagement have in common? They all focus on the individual patient being an essential part of the healthcare system, which is a step in the right direction, given the paternalistic past of healthcare. Too often, these fields are seen as distinct efforts, each […]


Christopher Trudeau, JD Christopher Trudeau, JD, has a dual appointment as an associate professor in the UAMS Center for Health Literacy and as an associate professor of law at the UALR Bowen School of Law. Chris is an expert on health literacy, plain language and the law. His views are his own; they do not necessarily represent those of his employers. He may be reached at ctrudeau@uams.edu.

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Effective Communication SKills

Patients’ Communication Skills Matter, Too

The patient safety movement and efforts to honor patients’ preferences emphasize the importance of skillful communication on the part of physicians and other clinicians. Less attention has been paid to the effect of patients’ communication skills. In addition to catching errors, patients can use effective communication skills to improve their health and the medical services […]

Patient-Centered Communication

Patient Communication 101: Find the Words to Fit the Moment and the Patient

Although I am not crazy about it, Ned goes everywhere I go. You know Ned, “no evidence of disease” – that Ned. Funny, my husband sort of likes him. Ned lulls him into thinking everything is all right even though all three of us know it is not true. That is the way it often […]


Sherri Fillipo, RN, MA, CPPS Sherri Fillipo is a former perioperative nurse who for many years, until her breast cancer diagnosis, was working in the field of patient safety. She likes to say she is living and dying with metastatic breast disease. Sherri is currently checking items off of her bucket list with great regularity. She can be reached at sherri.fillipo@gmail.com.

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Physician-Patient Communication

OpenNotes: the Empathy Catalyst that’s Spurring a Revolution in Care

It is with great joy I heard the OpenNotes Collaborative was named institutional winner of the John Q. Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement, at the NPSF Patient Safety Congress in May, 2014. In our 24 by 7 ecosystem, we often miss the ability to prioritize the connection between people, the real connections that […]


Ajay Sharma, MBA, CSSBB, FHIMSS Ajay Sharma is the Principal of Inspirus Consulting, LLC, a consultancy firm dedicated to true organizational advisory and strategy. He has over 22 years of experience working with customers and has been in IT consulting and systems integration since 1997. He has worked for global systems integrators and has been an Ambulatory Project Manager at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, responsible for development of speciality clinical progress notes and an IT Program Manager at UC Health in Cincinnati. Ajay is a HIMSS Fellow (FHIMSS) awarded to him for his contribution towards the advocacy and promotion of Healthcare IT.

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Best Practices and Methodologies

The Bedside Shift Report: Engaging Patients and Families as Partners

The bedside shift-to-shift nursing report isn’t new. It has been discussed as an effective patient engagement tool for at least 35 years. The Joint Commission identified communication failures during shift reports as a leading cause of sentinel events in the United States, and, in 2011, the National Patient Safety Foundation focused on the bedside report […]


Jim Malkowiak and Katie McConnell Jim Malkowiak, RN, BSN, is a Unit Director at the Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC since 2011, and previously held the position of administrative clinician (2008-2011) at the same facility. In his current position, he has spearheaded a hospital initiative for bedside reporting. He has 15 years of extensive medical and nursing experience, including medical/surgical, telemetry, step down, surgical intensive care, medical intensive care, long term acute care and home health. Katie McConnell, RN, MS, is currently a Level 4 Clinician on an inpatient unit at the Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC. She has held the position of informatics nurse at the same facility (2011-2012). Prior to joining Magee Womens Hospital, she held positions as staff nurse at both the University Hospitals Health System (OH) and The Western Pennsylvania Hospital.

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Building a Common Understanding

Patient Engagement and Patient Safety: Are They Just Words?

The words, “patient engagement” and “patient safety” seem like common sense in healthcare. However, if you are a professional caring for patients today you can certainly identify with Eliza Doolittle’s lament in My Fair Lady. “Words, words, words! I’m so sick of words I get words all day through First from him, now from you […]

Patient Engagement

The Heart of Patient Engagement May Be in Cleveland

  Cleveland Clinic wants its patients involved — fully involved. It starts with opening access to services, functions and information that previously had been hidden or hard to get to. Cleveland Clinic’s MyChart personal health record is at the heart of the initiative, which has been ongoing for more than a year. The system sees […]


Jim Rattray Jim Rattray is Executive Vice President of Bennett Group in Boston, an award-winning full-service integrated marketing, communications and advertising agency. With decades of experience as a journalist and professional communicator, he has been recognized for his work with numerous national and regional awards and has spoken to marketing and PR audiences around the country on using new tools for public relations, marketing and patient engagement. Rattray is a registered Apple Developer and the creator of MyHealth for iPhone.

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