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Building a Common Understanding

Patient Engagement and Patient Safety: Are They Just Words?

The words, “patient engagement” and “patient safety” seem like common sense in healthcare. However, if you are a professional caring for patients today you can certainly identify with Eliza Doolittle’s lament in My Fair Lady. “Words, words, words! I’m so sick of words I get words all day through First from him, now from you […]

Redesigning the Care Experience

Why We Need a Community Effort for Patient Experience Improvement

When first hearing the term patient experience, some might claim it is the latest healthcare management fad and others a marketing ploy created to attract healthcare clients to new services and solutions. While these reactions may be deserved based on other healthcare precedents, they do not represent what is now taking place. Patient experience has […]


Jason A. Wolf, President, The Beryl Institute Jason is a passionate champion and recognized expert on patient experience improvement, organizational effectiveness and change, and sustaining high performance in healthcare. As President of The Beryl Institute, Jason has led the growth of the organization from a powerful idea for improvement in healthcare to an organization now recognized as a leading global community of practice and thought leader on improving the patient experience, engaging over 38,000 people in more than 50 countries. Jason is also the founding Editor of the Patient Experience Journal, the first open-access, peer-reviewed journal committed to research and practice in patient experience improvement. Prior to joining the Institute, Jason designed and led the organization change, service, and leadership development strategies with HCA and conducted groundbreaking research to identify the characteristics of high performance healthcare organizations. Jason is a sought after speaker and an author of numerous articles and publications including two recent books on organization culture, change and performance in healthcare.

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