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Shifting the Paradigm

The engaged patient is an anomaly. Let’s fix the paradigm.

For years this blog has been discussing the value and legitimacy of engaging patients as a path to better care. Yet we don’t see a stampede of people—providers or patients—rushing to do it. Why not? I’ve been advocating for participatory medicine for years, more than 500 events in 15 countries. Through that experience, I’ve observed […]


Dave deBronkart, known on the internet as e-Patient Dave, is author of Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook and one of the world’s leading advocates for patient engagement. After beating stage IV kidney cancer in 2007, he became a blogger, health policy advisor and international keynote speaker. An accomplished speaker in his professional life before cancer, he is today one of the best-known spokesmen for the patient engagement movement. Dave is also a co-founder (with his physician) and chair emeritus of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Dave’s TED Talk, “Let Patients Help,” went viral. Volunteers have added subtitles in 26 languages, indicating the global appeal of his message. In 2012 the National Library of Medicine announced that it would capture his blog in its History of Medicine Division, and in 2015 he was the Mayo Clinic’s Visiting Professor in Internal Medicine.

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Best Practices and Methodologies

The Bedside Shift Report: Engaging Patients and Families as Partners

The bedside shift-to-shift nursing report isn’t new. It has been discussed as an effective patient engagement tool for at least 35 years. The Joint Commission identified communication failures during shift reports as a leading cause of sentinel events in the United States, and, in 2011, the National Patient Safety Foundation focused on the bedside report […]


Jim Malkowiak and Katie McConnell Jim Malkowiak, RN, BSN, is a Unit Director at the Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC since 2011, and previously held the position of administrative clinician (2008-2011) at the same facility. In his current position, he has spearheaded a hospital initiative for bedside reporting. He has 15 years of extensive medical and nursing experience, including medical/surgical, telemetry, step down, surgical intensive care, medical intensive care, long term acute care and home health. Katie McConnell, RN, MS, is currently a Level 4 Clinician on an inpatient unit at the Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC. She has held the position of informatics nurse at the same facility (2011-2012). Prior to joining Magee Womens Hospital, she held positions as staff nurse at both the University Hospitals Health System (OH) and The Western Pennsylvania Hospital.

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