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Patient Experience

Patient-Provider Communication in a Diverse Culture

Patients and families benefit from strategies that empower them to actively participate with clinicians. The nuance of understanding required to support effective healthcare relationships, however, can be hard to achieve when communication styles make it difficult for clinicians and patients to understand each other. In addition to other stresses, English spoken with regional or foreign […]


Lorri Zipperer Lorri Zipperer, MA, is the principal at Zipperer Project Management in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lorri was a founding staff member of the US-based National Patient Safety Foundation. Through her work, she promotes a systems-safety orientation to evidence, information and knowledge service (EIK). Lorri's efforts focus on bringing multidisciplinary teams together to envision, design and implement EIK initiatives. She has also been the development editor for the US government-funded AHRQ Patient Safety Network since its inception. Lorri was recognized with an Institute for Safe Medication Practices “Cheers” award for her work with librarians, libraries and their involvement in patient safety. She has designed classes and outreach focused on the value of a system-oriented approach to evidence and information access as a strategy to mitigate diagnostic error. Ms Zipperer spearheaded and contributed to two edited texts on knowledge management and evidence, information and knowledge transfer in patient safety. Her recent editorial collaborations with The Risk Authority Stanford include two projects supporting innovation in healthcare risk management. In her spare time, Lorri is a mystery novelist.

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Health Literacy

Understanding the Power of Health Literacy

Providing patients and family caregivers with understandable health information might seem like common sense, but it’s not as common as you might think – and its impact on care has big implications when it comes to health outcomes and the cost of healthcare. The Institute of Medicine defines health literacy as “the degree to which […]

Patient-Centered Communication

Improving Patient Engagement Through Clear Health Communication

What do health literacy, health communication, shared decision-making, patient education and patient engagement have in common? They all focus on the individual patient being an essential part of the healthcare system, which is a step in the right direction, given the paternalistic past of healthcare. Too often, these fields are seen as distinct efforts, each […]


Christopher Trudeau, JD Christopher Trudeau, JD, has a dual appointment as an associate professor in the UAMS Center for Health Literacy and as an associate professor of law at the UALR Bowen School of Law. Chris is an expert on health literacy, plain language and the law. His views are his own; they do not necessarily represent those of his employers. He may be reached at ctrudeau@uams.edu.

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Advancing Health Literacy

Helping Patients Feel Knowledgeable

In an earlier post, we discussed how patients might feel stupid when faced with a medical crisis. Medical professionals can help patients feel knowledgeable and reverse that feeling, which will increase patient satisfaction and improve the organization’s bottom line. Today, patients are smarter and better informed than ever before. Access to information—reliable or not—is as […]


Randi Oster and Kathleen Cattrall RANDI REDMOND OSTER is founder and president of Help Me HealthTM, whose mission is to transform how healthcare thinks about the patient experience to improve outcomes and the bottom line. She is also the author of Questioning Protocol, which helps patients navigate the healthcare system and medical professionals understand the patient perspective. Randi spent the first 18 years of her career at GE working on complex aerospace systems and building profitable financial services businesses. Skills she gained at GE empowered her to effectively navigate the healthcare system for her son, find opportunities for process improvements for hospitals and launch Help Me Health. KATHLEEN CATTRALL is chief experience officer of Help Me Health. She is a customer experience trailblazer credited with establishing new standards and methods for companies dogged by customer challenges. She believes that the experiences customers have with companies have economic value in the same way that a company’s products have value. Her reputation as a subject matter expert in the customer experience space makes her a sought-after contributor to Forrester Research white papers, for blogs and as a speaker.

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Paths to Improved Patient Engagement

Informed Consent Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: A Formidable Challenge

Editor’s Note: Informed consent is far more than getting a signature on a form. A true informed consent process requires patient engagement and involvement to ensure the best clinical outcome. Here, Dr. Aaron Fink outlines the challenges with regulatory compliance and offers a practical solution for truly engaging with patients in the process. Informed consent […]


Aaron Fink, MD, FACS Dr. Fink is Professor Emeritus of Surgery at Emory University School of Medicine. He served as Chief of Surgery at the Atlanta VA Medical Center for 16 years before taking the position of Chief Surgical Consultant for the Southeastern VA Network. He now serves as the Chief Medical Officer supporting the Clinical Content Team at Taylor Healthcare.

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Physician-Patient Communication

Back to Basics: Could Improved Patient-Provider Communications be the Remedy Healthcare Needs?

Dealing with an illness or injury is overwhelming for patients and families, who must learn all they can about an unfamiliar condition, make treatment decisions, manage medications, and more, all while stressed with the change in health status. My son Zachary was 17 when diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. It was heart-wrenching and often […]

Effective Communication SKills

Creating a New Standard for Communication: The G.R.E.A.T.™ Service Standard

Editor’s Note: This is Part II of Setting the Standard for Engaging and Activating Patients detailing a new standard for communication Dr. Scaletta and his team created to improve patient engagement at every touch point. My healthcare system closed calendar year 2015 on a high note. We trained 7,000 employees and medical staff across our […]


Tom Scaletta, M.D. Dr. Tom Scaletta is board certified in both emergency medicine and clinical informatics. He is the medical director of patient experience and the emergency department chair at Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare (https://healthydriven.com), past president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and a national speaker on emergency department operations and patient satisfaction. Tom designed a computerized patient communication system praised by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Urgent Matters (George Washington University).

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