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Physician-Patient Communication

Back to Basics: Could Improved Patient-Provider Communications be the Remedy Healthcare Needs?

Dealing with an illness or injury is overwhelming for patients and families, who must learn all they can about an unfamiliar condition, make treatment decisions, manage medications, and more, all while stressed with the change in health status. My son Zachary was 17 when diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. It was heart-wrenching and often […]

Paths to Safer Care

Improving Health Literacy: One Key to Improving Health Care Safety

Editor’s note: This week’s guest contribution comes from NPSF President Tejal Gandhi’s blog which looks at health literacy through the lens of patient safety, offering health care professionals guidance in becoming better communicators.   If you’ve ever misheard a conversation or misread directions, you know the pitfalls of written and spoken language. Messages are not […]


Tejal K. Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS Tejal K. Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS, is chief clinical and safety officer at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Previously, she was president and CEO of the National Patient Safety Foundation, which merged with IHI in May 2017. An internist and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Gandhi was formerly the chief quality and safety officer at Partners Healthcare in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2009 she received the John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award for her contributions to understanding the epidemiology and possible prevention strategies for medical errors in the outpatient setting.

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The Path to Better Care

Setting the Standard for Engaging and Activating Patients

A few months ago, I was named medical director of a brand new patient experience department for a highly regarded hospital system. I’ve worked there for a dozen years and have always been proud of the medical care we deliver. Staff members across all disciplines pour their hearts into their work. Still, like many others, […]


Tom Scaletta, M.D. Dr. Tom Scaletta is board certified in both emergency medicine and clinical informatics. He is the medical director of patient experience and the emergency department chair at Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare (https://healthydriven.com), past president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and a national speaker on emergency department operations and patient satisfaction. Tom designed a computerized patient communication system praised by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Urgent Matters (George Washington University).

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