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Paths to Improved Patient Engagement

Reframing Patient Care through eHealth: A Powerful Toolkit for Patient-Specific Engagement

Editor’s note: In February, Dr. Graffigna presented an evidence-based model for patient health engagement. In this contribution, she offers concrete guidelines for integrating new communication technologies into the care process to more effectively engage patients. . Making patient active and engaged in their healthcare is the gold standard in the 21st century health policy and […]

Best Practices and Methodologies

Viewing Patient Engagement through the Patient’s Eyes: A Must for Real Healthcare Innovation

Worldwide, patient engagement is becoming a “must do” for academics, industries and policy makers in the healthcare arena. The academic and managerial “buzz” on patient engagement is growing at a dizzying pace. In 2015, 665,300 new web indices were found on Google.com with the key words “patient engagement,” including 1,230 news pages and 6,200 dedicated […]