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Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Health Central Hospital’s PFAC: The Voice at the Heart of Things

Editor’s Note: Health Central Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council was recognized as a finalist for the 2018 Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement. The Sherman Award is co-sponsored by Taylor Healthcare and the IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute. In addition to selecting Sherman Award winners each year, the judges name finalists when the caliber of their projects warrants special recognition. […]


Allison Sandera Allison Sandera is a project manager with the Florida Hospital Association, aiding member hospitals and health systems in providing the highest quality of care to all Floridians through quality improvement and patient safety collaboratives and educational activities. She established and leads the association’s Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) Learning Collaborative, providing strategic guidance to hospital administrators on key PFE concepts and strategies, such as establishing or expanding patient & family advisory councils.

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Paths to Patient-Centered Care

Patient and Family Advisory Councils: Making Inroads in Hospitals

Two years ago, the percentage of Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) in hospitals was estimated at 40 percent by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and confirmed by the Partnership For Patients. According to the Beryl Institute, that figure has risen to 55 percent as the case for PFACs gains momentum giving patients […]


Barbara Lewis, MBA Barbara Lewis, MBA is the Managing Editor of DocCom, a non-profit on-line communication skills learning system launched in 2005 to help medical students become better communicators. Today, the fastest growing segment of DocCom’s subscribers is residency programs. Translated into three languages, DocCom (www.DocCom.org) has subscribers in eight countries. Barbara is a former journalist and marketing consultant.

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Patient and Family Engagement

Patient Engagement Goes Social

Everyone wants to harness the power of social media for just about everything. With patient engagement, it’s important to focus on the “social,” not the media. Being social is at the core of being human. And being social can be a key driver that can engage and empower patients in their own care and lead […]


Jim Rattray Jim Rattray is Executive Vice President of Bennett Group in Boston, an award-winning full-service integrated marketing, communications and advertising agency. With decades of experience as a journalist and professional communicator, he has been recognized for his work with numerous national and regional awards and has spoken to marketing and PR audiences around the country on using new tools for public relations, marketing and patient engagement. Rattray is a registered Apple Developer and the creator of MyHealth for iPhone.

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