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Engaged Patient

YouTube Star Becomes an Engaged Patient

With charming, self-deprecating humor, Simone Giertz designs robots to dys-automate common tasks like toothbrushing and eating soup and demonstrates the design process and results on short videos. Giertz is great company in a world where things often go wrong, often when we’ve worked especially hard to make them go right. In her version, no one […]


Susan Carr Susan Carr is a medical editor and writer specializing in patient safety and engagement. In addition to curating the EngagingPatients blog, she produces publications for the Betsy Lehman Center in Boston and the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine. Susan lives and works in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

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Patient Engagement

Helping Patients and Doctors Understand the Value of OpenNotes

To say “I had a few questions” after learning I had a brain tumor is an understatement. Born on the cusp between Generation X and the Millennials, my instinctual response as a patient—after posting a hospital selfie to Instagram, of course—is to Google every new medical term I encounter. For the most part, I find […]