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Co-Designing the Patient Experience

See Patients as Individuals First

Once upon a time, there was an ICU patient named Robert. Robert was not very responsive to verbal stimuli or requests such as: “Can you open your eyes for us?” or “Can you open your mouth so I can give you some medication?” Several days after Robert was admitted to the ICU, a family member […]


Pamela Greenhouse, VP, Clinical Operations, Wellbridge Health Pamela has 25+ years of leadership experience in healthcare operations, spanning the continuum of care (ambulatory, acute, rehabilitation, home care and long-term care). She joined Wellbridge Health, Inc. (wellbridgehealth.com) in 2016 as Vice-President, Clinical Operations. Wellbridge Health is a care management solutions company, the goal of which is to reduce hospital re-admissions and avoidable ER visits through integrated methods of tele-monitoring and health coaching by social workers and nurses. Ms. Greenhouse has co-authored over 30 papers in peer-reviewed scholarly journals with a focus on improving care delivery, patient centered care, patient engagement, and experienced based design. She has spoken nationally and internationally on these topics, as well. She holds an M.B.A. in Organizational Behavior.

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Patient-Centered Communication

Closing Communication Gaps, Engaging Patients in Meaningful Ways

I have been working with healthcare providers for over 20 years and, fortunately, I haven’t had to view care from the patient’s perspective very often. We all talk about the importance of engaging patients, improving communication and patient safety but all of those terms become increasing more important, and more personal, when it is you […]


John Reumann As the Director of Patient Safety Solutions for Standard Register Healthcare, John Reumann works with hospitals and a field-based team to create a culture of safety through development and implementation of solutions and services aimed at standardizing and improving patient identification, providing clinicians and staff with tools to better engage patients and families as partners in promoting safer care, and developing communication strategies to support the multitude of other safety concerns that hospitals face.

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