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Changing Perceptions

Listen and Engage Our Elder Patients: It Matters

As the American population is living longer, hospitals are experiencing an increase in the geriatric population — both inpatient and ambulatory care. Kings County Hospital Center is no different, as demonstrated by our patients who are admitted for congestive heart failure. Contrary to popular perception, a significant number of our elderly population are awake, alert, […]


Mauvareen Beverley, MD Dr. Mauvareen Beverley is Assistant Vice President at New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (NYCHHC). Prior to this post, she was she was responsible for the Care Management Department at Kings County Hospital Center which is located in Brooklyn, NY and is part of NYCHFC. Notably, she developed a Care Management Training Program that promotes patient-centered care that emphasized improving Patient and Family Engagement and the eradicating negative language towards patients such as Frequent Flyers, Non-compliant and Drug Seekers.

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