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Physician-Patient Communication

Patient Engagement Begins with Better Listening

Republished with permission from SarahBethRN.com. Patient engagement is a trendy topic for healthcare providers – the latest spin terminology for “patient compliance” – as in how do I get patients to follow treatment protocols? Take better care of themselves? Especially now that payment for my services may be negatively affected by bad outcomes and poor […]


Sarah Beth Cowherd, RN Nurse,blogger,persistent patient, Sarah Beth Cowherd writes about the phenomenal challenges faced in navigating the healthcare system as one with a chronic illness. As a young nurse in 2011, she began blogging about her experience in healthcare, eager to explore how a new generation of nurses were changing the face of healthcare through the use of technology and social media. Soon after launching her blog, she developed a rare autoimmune disease. Now she speaks, as she says,“from the other side of the stethoscope.” You can follow her on SarahBethRN.com.

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