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Race and Ethnicity in Medicine

A Tremble and a Lump: Why Race Matters in End-of-Life Conversations

Editor’s note: Healthcare decisions are deeply personal and often reflect race, ethnicity, gender and experience. In a post for The Conversation Project (excerpted below), Naomi Fedna relates a personal story and describes how being a black woman affects her experience of care planning. When I first joined IHI’s Conversation Project (TCP) team as a project […]

Advance Care Planning

End-of-Life Care Planning Is Patient Engagement, Too

Anticipating and planning for the future is an important way for each of us to engage in healthcare for ourselves, friends and family members. Being self-employed, I’m prompted to plan for the coming year when I choose a health insurance plan, which involves anticipating what my medical needs will be. I’ve been lucky so far, […]


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