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Patient Engagement

‘Take Charge’ Campaign Begins With Advance Directives

Editor’s Note: Ilene Corina and her colleagues at the Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy are leading a 5-month-long campaign to encourage everyone to become better informed and more engaged in their healthcare. Between now and August 2020, the campaign, “Take Charge: 5 Steps to Safer Health Care,” will focus on one action per […]


Ilene Corina is president and founder of the Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education and Advocacy. Corina has served on the board of organizations including The Joint Commission and the National Patient Safety Foundation and has won numerous awards for her work as an educator and advocate. Corina is the author of "Rants of a Patient Safety Advocate: Stories from the Bedside." Learn more about Corina and her work at www.icorina.com.

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Advance Directives

Advance Directives and Other Medical Tall Tales

Editor’s note: EngagingPatients.org has published posts recently that share a focus on advance directives for end-of-life care. With deeply personal choices, advance directives involve patients and family members in a wide range of concerns, touching on many topics in patient engagement. In this post, Brenda Denzler reflects on end-of-life choices and the experiences of other breast […]