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Advance Directives

Advance Care Planning and Other Medical Tall Tales

Editor’s note: Brenda Denzler’s 2019 post about advance directives (reprinted below) came to mind when I read “What’s Wrong with Advance Directives?” a JAMA Viewpoint published earlier this month. Authors of the viewpoint, including Dr. Diane E. Meier, director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care, cite research showing that advance care planning does not deliver intended results. […]


Brenda Denzler Brenda Denzler is a writer and editor living in North Carolina. She holds a doctorate degree from Duke University and worked as an editor at UNC-Chapel Hill prior to being diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2009. She became a cancer survivor on the day she was diagnosed.

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Advance Directives

Advance Directives and Other Medical Tall Tales

Editor’s note: has published posts recently that share a focus on advance directives for end-of-life care. With deeply personal choices, advance directives involve patients and family members in a wide range of concerns, touching on many topics in patient engagement. In this post, Brenda Denzler reflects on end-of-life choices and the experiences of other breast […]