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Learning From Patients

Engaging Patients in Health Professional Education

About three years ago, my 72-year-old mother experienced a traumatic accident – she fell down a flight of stairs in her home and lay at the bottom until she was discovered nearly five hours later. The inventory of injuries included a fractured clavicle, eight broken ribs, two possible pelvic fractures, kidney damage, and pleural effusion. […]

Giving Voice to Patients

Treating Patients as Partners: A Journey to Better Outcomes

When you look at this piece of paper, what do you see? Most people would say a black dot. But as someone who has experienced a 14-year healthcare journey,I encourage you to take a closer look. Now what do you see? As healthcare transforms toward more patient-focused, it’s my hope that you will see the […]


Kim Blanton, Volunteer Patient Advisor, Vidant Health System Kim Blanton is a volunteer patient advisor at Vidant Health System, Greenville NC. After going into an anaphylactic shock during an angiograph in 2001, Kim has been a patient in five different hospitals in four different health systems.) Kim has used her experiences to help her health system improve. She serves on several committees and task forces for the Vidant System including its ACO Board of Managers and its flag ship hospital, Vidant Medical Center, National Quality Forum, North Carolina Institute of Medicine and North Carolina Hospital Association. Kim holds a Masters in Library Science and a Masters in Information Sciences. Kim believes in the mutually beneficial partnerships of patient-centered care and is a testimony to how it can improve a patient’s health and the healthcare system.

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