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A New Frontier

How a Boon to Medical Research will Boost Patient Engagement

I am donating my body to science. Well, to be more accurate, I am donating data about my body, via my iPhone, to some world-class medical researchers. That’s because I am now enrolled in my first-ever medical research study — 3,080 miles from my home. The medical study originates out of Stanford University in California. […]


Jim Rattray Jim Rattray is Executive Vice President of Bennett Group in Boston, an award-winning full-service integrated marketing, communications and advertising agency. With decades of experience as a journalist and professional communicator, he has been recognized for his work with numerous national and regional awards and has spoken to marketing and PR audiences around the country on using new tools for public relations, marketing and patient engagement. Rattray is a registered Apple Developer and the creator of MyHealth for iPhone.

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