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Paths to Safer Care

Creating a Buzz about Open, Honest Communications in Health Care

In April of this year, MedStar Health released the video entitled, Please See Me, in hopes of starting a buzz about making open, honest communications in health care a reality. The video project supports MedStar’s initiative to instill a culture that is focused on safety among its 30,000 associates and 6, 000 physicians, and across […]


Tracy Granzyk is managing editor for the healthcare blog, Educate the Young, and director, Patient Safety Innovation at MedStar Health. She is also a writer, filmmaker and social media consultant who specializes in the crafting and sharing of stories aimed to change health behavior and healthcare culture.

Tracy Granzyk, MS, CPHQ, Patient Safety Innovation Director, MedStar Health has 2 post(s) at EngagingPatients.org

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