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Bridging the Health Literacy Gap

Healthcare Coaches: The Health System’s Missing Link

By the year 2020, over 157 million people will have chronic diseases and will be seeking medical care1. When you add this to the fact that there is a shortage of primary care providers, healthcare coaches become an integral part of population health. I am a pharmacist with a burning passion to empower patients. I […]


Sarah Riley Cox, PharmD Sarah Riley Cox is the founder and CEO of My Med Coach. Sarah holds a Doctorate in pharmacy and is working towards completing her Master of Science in pharmacy leadership and administration along with her health-system pharmacy administration residency. In her spare time, Sarah blogs on My Med Guru to empower and educate patients about the healthcare system. Sarah envisions a healthcare system with smooth transitions, engaged and empowered patients, and no medication errors and she works toward this goal in everything that she does.

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