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Patient Perspectives

A Tale of Two Organizations

One Friday in late April, I was at a conference and couldn’t stop coughing. I thought it was allergies or my asthma acting up. I kept taking Benadryl and using my inhaler, but the croupy cough kept getting worse. I left early and headed home. But, by 6pm that evening, I knew I needed to […]


Linda Kenney Executive Director and President of MITSS (Medically Induced Trauma Support Services, Inc.), founded the organization in 2002 as the result of a personal experience with adverse medical event, when she identified the need for support services in cases of adverse events and outlined an agenda for change. Since that time, she has been a tireless activist for patient, family, and clinician rights. She has become a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the patient safety movement and speaks regularly at healthcare conferences and forums. In 2006, Linda was the first consumer graduate of the prestigious HRET/AHA Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship. That same year, she was the recipient of the National Patient Safety Foundation’s esteemed Socius Award, an annual award given in recognition of effective partnering in pursuit of patient safety. She has authored and contributed to a number of publications on topics including the emotional impact of adverse events on patients, families, and clinicians. Linda serves on the boards of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors, National Patient Safety Foundation and Planetree.

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