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Patient-Centered Care

Designing a Consistent Model of Care: Open, Honest, Compassionate

I have a confession to make – I am a healthcare cynic. I have come to believe that patients and families are rarely treated with compassion and respect, that information can be very hard to come by in the hospital setting, and that clinicians have little time or inclination to sit, talk, and answer questions. […]


Winifred N. Tobin Winifred N. Tobin (wtobin@mitss.org) joined MITSS in the spring of 2003. Since that time, she has been responsible for strategic communications surrounding all of the organization's activities. Her areas of specific interest include emotional support for anyone involved in an adverse event; patient safety and quality; patient engagement; health literacy; and, safer healthcare for diverse populations. She co-authored Engaging Minorities in Safer Healthcare in 2011. Winnie has served on numerous committees representing the patient’s voice, and, in particular, that of the patient who has suffered medical harm. Currently, she serves as on the Consumer Advisory Group to the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative and is a member of MACRMI. She holds a BSBA degree in marketing from the Sawyer School of Management at Suffolk University.

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