About EngagingPatients.org

EngagingPatients.org was launched in June, 2013, led by the belief that patient engagement is central to the transformation of healthcare. We recognize the important role that communication plays in improving the patient experience, the quality of care and ultimately driving better outcomes. By partnering with great organizations throughout the healthcare community, we hope to advance engagement between patients, their advocates and the providers who care for them. We want EngagingPatients.org to be a centralized resource where the community can find news, relevant content, share best practices and engage in thoughtful discussion.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are a purpose-driven organization that makes information readily accessible to the healthcare community.
  • We aggregate information i.e. news, learnings and best practices to inform, engage and align the broader healthcare community in our common mission.
  • The focus of the community is guided by our Advisory Board and content by our members.

EngagingPatients.org is powered by Taylor Healthcare, a part of Taylor Communications, with no remuneration. We believe effective strategies to fully engage patients and their advocates start with a comprehensive communication strategy that is focused on influencing behaviors to drive desired outcomes. We are committed to improving care delivery by helping our clients empower people with information.

Our Advisory Board

Seth Krevat, MD, FACP
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Sam Watson
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Pamela Greenhouse
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Linda Kenney
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Julie Rish, PhD
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Jessica Saunders, MPA
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