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Engaging Patients in Infection Prevention

First, Seek to Understand

I have been working in infectious diseases as a clinician over 10 years and continue to be struck by two things. One is how we as healthcare providers assume that we know how the patient is feeling and two, how little effort is spent in setting the stage, inviting a conversation and having a meaningful […]

Interdisciplinary Teamwork

Clinicians as Pathfinders….Lessons from the Past

Pathfinders are urgently needed! Flashback to 1914 and glimpse a slice of history that brings perspective to clinical leadership today. Let’s see what we can take away from a quick journey in time. Consider the Landscape One hundred years ago, it was early in the Great War, a time when everyone believed the war would […]


Lisa Sams, MSN, RNC Lisa Sams, MSN, RN, is founder and president of Clinical Linkages. Clinical Linkages provides services and resources to health care organizations that result in safer, more effective patient care using the principles of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). Building teams and improving patient outcomes are the heart of Ms. Sams' work. She has more than 30 years of nursing experience in academic centers and community hospitals.

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