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A Call to Action

Cost of Care: Engaging in Difficult Conversations

On January 10th this year, my 12-year-old son experienced a concussion during basketball practice. I wasn’t there, but my husband was and I received a call that is always scary for the absent parent, “everything is fine, but we are at the ER….” My son was diagnosed with a mild concussion. What followed was eight […]


Wendy Nickel Wendy Nickel is director of the Centers for Quality and Patient Partnership in Healthcare at the American College of Physicians. She has over 20 years of experience in healthcare, focused on patient advocacy and improving quality, safety and the experience of care.

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Health Literacy

Two Simple Strategies for Engaging Patients With Writing

There’s one thing on which most patient advocates agree: the quality of written communications can help motivate patients to participate in their own care and improve their health literacy. In my post last month, I discussed how to do this with written materials. I try to build each document around three pillars: audience, purpose, and […]


Christopher Trudeau, JD Christopher Trudeau, JD, has a dual appointment as an associate professor in the UAMS Center for Health Literacy and as an associate professor of law at the UALR Bowen School of Law. Chris is an expert on health literacy, plain language and the law. His views are his own; they do not necessarily represent those of his employers. He may be reached at ctrudeau@uams.edu.

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