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Sparrow Health System


Sparrow’s innovative technology is changing healthcare for the better through MySparrow – a powerful tool providing patients online access to portions of their electronic medical record (EMR). In MySparrow, patients take an active role in their healthcare and make connections directly with their physicians. Patients view their health information, such as lab results, appointment information and medications, via a confidential, secure mobile app or website.

One patient shared, “My Sparrow gave me peace of mind and helped me monitor my health as I went through open heart surgery. My physician read my messages and responded back to me online.”


Sparrow Health System initiated MySparrow – a powerful tool providing patients direct online access to portions of their electronic medical record (EMR). This patient-centered application gives patients access to lab results, appointment information, medications and immunizations in a secure location, in a timely manner. A patient can view their personal health information online at any time and share information via MySparrow with their physician and/or specialist to keep them informed about changes in their health. With MySparrow, patients can complete a questionnaire about their symptoms before the office visit, saving time and the hassle of filling out forms in the waiting room. This application assists with building a strong relationship between the patient and their physician(s,) and helps improve communication, collaboration and continuity of patient care. It provides patients the ability to enter important, time-sensitive medical information in MySparrow, such as blood glucose level, blood pressure readings, weight and an exercise regimen. This information is then transferred to their physician(s) via their InBasket/email account. With this additional medical information, the physician(s) can review the patient’s condition and communicate a prescribed course of action back to the patient. This proactive approach between the patient and the physician(s), potentially avoids future medical complications and hospital admissions. MySparrow provides new, convenient methods of communication for the patient. It gives the patient the ability to renew prescriptions online and send confidential messages to their physician(s). They can schedule, reschedule and/or cancel appointments – all online.

Here are a few examples of the positive comments we hear from our patients about MySparrow:

  • “MySparrow has provided me the ability to monitor my lab results, appointment reminders and renew medications from my phone. I am more actively engaged in improving my cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure and am encouraged when I see the improvement from one appointment to the next. This application provides an avenue for me to be directly involved in decisions centered on my health.”
  • “The messaging feature in MySparrow is much more convenient than placing a call to the physician office where oftentimes I am placed on hold as the office staff is servicing other patients. It is easy to send a question about medications via this feature and receive a communication back from my provider within a few minutes to an hour.”

For another example of what MySparrow means to our patients, please view the following testimonial: http://sparrowtv.org/videos/beyond-the-commercial-randys-story/

Our physicians find MySparrow a huge value to providing quality health care to their patients:

  • “MySparrow allows my patients the opportunity to ask me questions about common issues such as UTI, sinus infections and common colds. I am able to review their medical record and advise a course of action for care. It is so convenient to be able to respond to my patients needs online without having to make a phone call or ask my office nurse to contact the patient.”
  • “Through MySparrow I am able to monitor my patient’s blood glucose level. The patient enters his daily blood glucose reading in MySparrow. If his blood glucose reading is abnormal, an alert is sent immediately to my InBasket for review and evaluation. Patient care is enhanced with MySparrow.”

MySparrow is transforming the way health care is delivered at Sparrow by focusing on each patient’s needs with new and innovative technology. Patients requested an avenue to view their medical record and communicate directly with their Physician(s) through a confidential, secure online application. We listened to their requests and now offer a state-of-the-art health care online service. Sparrow’s innovative technology is changing healthcare for the better through MySparrow.


MySparrow is offered to patients of our Ambulatory Physician practices. Not only do they have access to medical information at the physician’s office, they have access to test results and discharge summaries from a hospital/emergency department visit.

As of February 28, 2014, our Family Practice/Internal Medicine Practices have close to 85,600 patients; close to 45,000 Patients have activation codes and of those patients, 41% of the activation codes have been activated. This is an equivalent of more than 22,500 Patients utilizing this innovative technology. Other statistics include the following:

  • July 2012
    Total Hits: 175,635
    Average Hits per Day: 5,666
    Average Hits per User: 36
  • July 2013
    Total Hits: 266,725
    Average Hits per Day: 8,604
    Average Hits per User: 40
  • February 2014
    Total Hits: 343,122
    Average Hits per Day: 12,254
    Average Hits per User: 43

In addition, the top areas viewed/accessed by our patients in MySparrow application are as follows:

      • Patient Medical Advice Request
      • Medication Renewal
      • Lab Results
      • Patient Appointment Request

A recent study of this application showed nearly 90% of patients reported an improved communication with their Primary Care Provider and office staff. Patients that receive health reminders through MySparrow are more likely to engage in their health and initiate care appointments. Sparrow’s innovative technology is changing healthcare for the better through MySparrow.


Penny Daniels and Chris Nemets Sparrow Health System is mid-Michigan's largest healthcare system with a network of hospitals and subsidiaries that includes Sparrow Hospital, St Lawrence Hospital, Clinton Memorial, Physicians Health Plan and other affiliates. Sparrow Hospital is a 733-bed teaching hospital that is affiliated with the Colleges of Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine at nearby Michigan State University.

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