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2018 Sherman Award Finalist

MedStar Health InFocus: A Digital Platform for Patient Education

Editor’s Note: MedStar Health’s Simulation Training and Education Lab was recognized as a finalist for the 2018 Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement for its digital patient education program. The Sherman Award is co-sponsored by Taylor Healthcare and the IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute. In addition to selecting Sherman Award winners each year, the judges name finalists when the caliber […]


Alexander Walker, PhD Alexander Walker is a senior director of learning research and design at MedStar Health Simulation Training and Education Lab, which is the educational development organization of one of the largest healthcare systems in the mid-Atlantic. He holds a Ph.D. in human factors psychology from Clemson University. Early in his career, Alex engaged in research examining the effects of learning in different simulation environments on the impacts of performance and the development of motion sickness. His other research experience includes the investigation of team performance, the psychophysiological assessment of the workload and performance of individuals and teams.

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