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Redesigning Patient Care

Integrating Community Support Resources to Treat the Whole Patient

What if doctors prescribed community support resources with lifestyle changes instead of just medicine? What if your referral was to an outside group or program rather than to a specialist? There are many organizations and resources outside of the traditional health system that can act as ambassadors for promoting and maintaining health, and when utilized […]


Jessica Deary Speaker, writer, patient advocate and advisor, Jessica Deary brings a valuable perspective to the topics of patient experience and patient-centered care, having been a patient with a complicated medical condition.She obtained her BA in Business and Economics followed by an MBA and started a small consulting business. Although her initial experience was in strategic management, she was drawn to patient advocacy as a result of her own experiences as a long-standing patient. She obtained formal certification in patient advocacy and continues to expand her knowledge in patient experience and patient- centered care through continuing education. Currently, she is a patient advisor at Penn State Hershey Medical Center and a volunteer in patient care at Holy Spirit Hospital. She and her pug, Maya, volunteer in the pet therapy program at several health systems. She also speaks to both healthcare professionals and patients, and writes on patient experience and patient-centered care related topics.

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