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Paths to Improved Patient Engagement

Community Health Workers – Empowering the Most Vulnerable Patients

It is no secret that building trusting relationships and empowering patients to participate in their health results in better outcomes and care coordination. But, it isn’t always easy, especially for some of our most vulnerable patients—those deemed high risk because of complex medical challenges, immigrants and refugees with a history of trauma or patients struggling […]


Sarah Abernethy Oo Sarah Abernethy Oo is director, Community Health Improvement for Chelsea HealthCare Center at Massachusetts General Hospital Since 1997, Sarah has worked to bring health care equity to the patients at the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center. She leads a team of 45 staff community health workers who implement programs and strategies targeting immigrant and refugee health and social services, family and community violence, hunger, and cancer prevention. Sarah has had extensive experience working with underserved communities both in the United States and overseas. Immediately prior to joining MGH Chelsea, Sarah worked as a Health Program Officer for UNICEF in Bangladesh She holds a Masters of Social Work from Columbia University.

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