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Family and Friend Engagement

Communicating COVID-19 Changes to Family Presence Policies

Strict limitations on who may visit hospital patients and residents in long-term care facilities are among the most painful changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although most people understand the need to prevent potential transmission of the virus, not being able to be present with loved ones who are sick or even at the end […]


Susan Carr Susan Carr is a medical editor and writer specializing in patient safety and engagement. In addition to curating the EngagingPatients blog, she produces publications for the Betsy Lehman Center in Boston and the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine. Susan lives and works in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

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Family and Friend Engagement

Personal Support Networks: Reshaping Care Communication

I recently attended a conference on patient engagement where one of the speakers discussed the growth projections of chronic illness in the U.S., describing the dire consequences it will have on our health delivery system if unaddressed. The primary implication was one of scale. For example, how will we as a system respond when confronted […]


John G. King John King is passionate about the transformation of healthcare and believes effective communications are central to enhancing the patient and family experience, improving the coordination of care and empowering people to better manage their health and well-being. As President of Standard Register Healthcare, he's made it the company's mission to help customers standardize and manage communications across the continuum of care, and enable providers and payers to engage the right person with the right information so they can influence behavior and achieve their desired outcomes.

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