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Empowering Patients: Help Them Ask the Hard Questions

Editor’s Note: This week, we revisit and update a post from one year ago. In the original post, Randi Oster relates a personal story to illustrate the value of the Choosing Wisely campaign. Sponsored by Consumer Reports and the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, Choosing Wisely helps patients navigate medical decision-making by providing information […]


Randi Redmond Oster Randi Redmond Oster is author of Questioning Protocol, which helps patients navigate the healthcare system and medical professionals understand the patient perspective. She is a nationally acclaimed speaker on healthcare reform, shared decision-making and patient engagement. Randi spent approximately 20 years working at GE on complex aerospace systems and building profitable financial services businesses. She received a Black Belt in Six Sigma Quality and numerous leadership awards. The skills she gained at GE empowered her to effectively navigate the healthcare system and find opportunities for process improvements as she advocated in hospitals on behalf of her chronically ill son. Randi is president of Help Me Health, a business focused on the transformation of how healthcare thinks about and delivers patient experiences to achieve better outcomes and a better bottom line.

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